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Have you ever envisioned installing business software all over again because your data was lost due to a natural disaster or maybe power failure?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing comprises a pool of systems that are linked or connected in private networks that function together to provide a dynamic infrastructure for storing the data.
With cloud computing, you get the flexibility to set up your virtual office, which allows you to manage your business from web-enabled devices at any time and from anywhere.

Types of Cloud Services

  • Managed Cloud: Managed cloud is a service that helps businesses in managing their overall cloud experience. With this service, companies can primarily focus on their core expertise.
  • Shared Cloud: : In this service, the user is allotted storage space on the server while the writes and reads are carried out over the internet. The shared cloud service is designed for small businesses that have a limited requirement.
  • Dedicated Cloud: Dedicated Cloud Services are typically used by large organizations that require a high level of data security. In this service, a dedicated server is purchased or either rented for business needs.

Public Cloud

Boost your business agility with our Public Cloud Services

Why do businesses opt for Public Cloud?

Public Cloud Service is designed for small and medium-size businesses to get a better hold on their cost by only paying for the infrastructure depending on their needs.

  • On-demand availability of resources
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliability and flexibility

We at Prudence Technology design and offer public cloud computing solutions that only reduce IT costs but also streamline operations.

Private Cloud

Private Clouds can help organizations manage and allocate resources with limited strain on your network.

Why do businesses opt for Private Cloud?

  • For reduced Cost
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Higher Productivity

Prudence Technology guarantees to offer a highly structured approach to your private cloud design and development. Our dedicated Private Cloud implementation services understand your current business and future needs to scale through virtual private cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud

Why do businesses opt for Hybrid Cloud?

  • For higher performance and reliability
  • For high-density traffic
  • For better security and control

Our Hybrid Cloud Solutions incorporates the perks of both the private and public cloud with full control over your data. At Prudence Technology we can offer you a solution that can increase your performance and aid in reducing the wastage of resources. We provide Hybrid Cloud solutions for clients with customization, 24×7 support, backup, and many more features.


We at Prudence Technology are committed to offering exceptional support services to our customers. Our dedicated consultants are
24x7 ready to cater to your queries, offer training on your applications and monitor your systems. Being one of the prominent players in cloud computing we endeavour to offer effective cloud support services to help our clients manage their businesses more efficiently and assist them in solving complex problems seamlessly.

  • For higher performance and reliability
  • For high-density traffic
  • For better security and control

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