ERP Implementation and How to Do It Right

If you think that you need an ERP system, you are probably right. But if that thought also includes buying any random suite and installing it in your computers, you need to think again. Going by the core definition of ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning system should enable you to integrate all your business processes into a single platform so that all the departments can equally and efficiently access the available data from anywhere. Implementing ERP is necessary to scale up your business but you will want the process to be seamless and cost-effective. Thus, choosing the right service partner is crucial so that you do not end up with just any random and expensive suite.

The best way to implement ERP

Implementing ERP software is as technical as choosing the system in the first place. Typically, the optimal approach to ensure the best ERP implementation involves the following steps.

  1. Identifying your business requirements or why do you need an ERP implementation at all
  2. Evaluating the scope of the available ERP software depending on your scale and budget
  3. Migrating your existing data into the installed ERP software selectively and securely
  4. Integrating the specific ERP functionalities as per your business processes
  5. Testing, debugging and retesting before making the system live
How to do it right?

Delegating your ERP implementation needs to the experts is the obvious answer and Prudence Technology is the brand who can do it right. We provide the functionalities of both Oracle Fusion ERP and Microsoft Dynamics, and depending on your specific requirements, we implement the best platform. Right from installing the software to training your employees to efficiently use the ERP system, we stand by your business at every step to ensure a flawless migration. Automate your financials, manufacturing processes, and HR management. Do it with ERP and Prudence Technology.

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