Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise

As a reliable service provider and Oracle gold partner, we assist you in designing an optimal BI architecture and in building a data warehouse environment which deliver the most robust set of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard functionality with rich end-user experience that include visualization, collaboration, alerts and more.

Oracle Business Intelligence suite EE deliver the full ranges of business intelligence capabilities including interactive dashboards, ad-hoc inquiries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting and real-time predictive intelligence. OBIEE is also the best BI solutions for enterprises.Additionally, the OBIEE Plus platform is actually based on a versatile web service-oriented architecture that enable seamless integration and easy user access for diverse data sources.

This finally results in

Feature Benefit
Interactive Dashboards Provides fully interactive dashboard and report with a rich variety of visualization
Self-serve Interactive Reporting Enable business users to create the new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses without any help of IT
Enterprise Reporting Allows to create the highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more
Proactive Detection and Alerts It's Provides a powerful, near-real- time, multi-step alert engine that can triggered the workflows based on business events and notify the stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel
Actionable Intelligence Actually OBIEE Turns the insights into actions by providing the best ability to invoke the business processes from within the valuable business intelligence dashboards and reports
Microsoft Office Integration Enable users to embed up-to-the-minute corporate data in Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Excel documents
Spatial Intelligence via Map-based Visualizations OBIEE provides the features to their users to visualize the analytics data using maps, its help in bringing the intuitiveness of spatial visualizations to the world of business intelligence(BI).
Services Offered

  • Data warehouse design
  • ETL development
  • Application design
  • Upgrades and conversions
  • Dashboard design and development
  • Discovery to OBIEE migration

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