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Data is free-flowing today. Right from marketing to manufacturing, businesses collect and use data at some level to get their process going and expand their reach in the market. However, for the right extent of growth, businesses need to tap into the full potential of these available data, decode their true meaning and use it to provide customised service to their customers. And that is where expert business analytics and intelligence is so crucial. Prudence Technology brings its analytics experience through Cloud-based solutions like Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics to your brand and enables you to take complete advantage of the data available. We plan, develop, improve and elevate the way of your doing business by blending modern technology into the mix.

A complete analytics package

We have designed our business analytics services to cover all your vital business wings. It comes pre-built with the Cloud or on-site technology you choose for your ERP management and you can control the data of all your departments from a single dashboard.

Prudence Technology offers you its professional business analytics services in the areas of:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Price & Revenue Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Production Analytics
  • Banking Analytics
  • Financial Transaction Analytics
  • Manufacturing

From consulting to implementation to support, we bring the whole package to you. Our experts revamp your existing infrastructure, implement the full-suite features of Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics and continuously provide you support as you use the Business Intelligence platform to perform analytics.

The best Business Analytics service

The approach we take is futuristic. We curate our strategies precisely as per your business needs and deliver you results that work.

  • In-depth business assessment is always our starting point
  • Creating an optimal data model comes next
  • We filter and extract useful data to get it ready for input
  • We then mine data from your data warehouse
  • Static and real-time reporting enables us to test the technology before handover
  • And advanced analysis helps you to make the optimum use of the analytics platform

Post-integration maintenance and support come standard with our pre-built analytics services. We offer you up-gradation, bug fixing, technical assistance and much more.

Our competence is unmatched

  • Supreme expertise in data analytics
  • Members of Oracle and Microsoft Partner Networks
  • Diverse clientele across the top industries
  • Working experience in business consulting

The Prudence team is your technical team to elevate your business flow. We enable you to collect data in any form, decode them in real-time and visualise the results for better decision-making and risk management. For infusing efficiency into your brand, choose Prudence Technology. We bring the power of data to you.

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